I am Cory Clow, a Visual Designer from the centre of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Treaty No. 1 Territory). My professional background in design ranges from working as an in-house graphic designer, designer for agencies and as a freelancer. I have over 20 years of experience working for large, mid-size and small companies as well as independently. These experiences have involved visual design, visual brand identities, brand campaigns, illustration, motion graphics and interactive design.

Extended Creative History

Going way back, I had my first Art Lesson at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in the summer between grade one and two. In the summer between grade three and four I took my first computer class at the University of Manitoba (Mini U). This is where I created my first computer graphics, drawing pixel by pixel, 8-bit illustrations in black and white. From grade four to six, myself and a handful of others were exempt from some classes to take art classes. My junior high to high school Art Teacher convinced my parents that I would be miserable if I didn’t do something that involved art. On his own time, he mounted all of my artwork and got me enrolled for Fine Arts. Unfortunately, I wasn’t mature enough for the commitment.

After pondering my career, I ended up taking the multimedia course at Robertson College where I learned a lot about computer programs, how to trouble-shoot problems and how to self-educate myself. A special thank you to my parents and family for their patience and support.

After Robertson College, my first job was as a freelancer, creating a visual brand identity for a bed and breakfast located in Selkirk, MB. The project involved me designing a logo, business cards, a brochure and a website that I hand-coded in notepad. My first full-time job in the industry was digitally painting comic books for Marvel and DC Comics for a company called Digital Chameleon in Winnipeg, MB (said to be the first agency to digitally paint comic books using Photoshop). While working there, I also worked on the post production of a traditionally animated series that aired weekly on YTV. My involvement entailed scanning traditionally illustrated cel animations (frame by frame), digitizing them, digital painting, adding camera effects, compositing and creating colour palettes using Toon Boom. After working there for two years, I decided that I really wanted to start creating things myself. I left to go back to school full-time for the Graphic Design Program at Red River College.

The Graphic Design course was pretty intense and a lot of flat-out hard work. However, it did prepare me for what was to come in the design industry. I had some pretty talented design and illustration instructors who provided me with a wealth of knowledge. After Red River College, I illustrated my first children’s book “Teatree’s Keep and Speak Secrets” for Child Find Manitoba as a freelancer. It was traditionally illustrated and digitally painted. A new Graphic Designer position was created for myself and the organization grew into what is today the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. The rest will be some of my creative history will be here. Thank you to everyone who has given me a creative opportunity.

I became a Certified Graphic Designer (CGD) in 2007 and CDP Certified in 2022.