Illustrated Mural – The Medium is the Message

Red River College campuses origins are from Winnipeg, MB (Treaty One, Territory).

As part of a student assignment of the 2004 design and communication graduates, take a blank canvas (9’ x 30’) of a newly built Red River College in the Exchange District (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Treaty One Territory). The direction provided was to design a mural that provides a history of the college’s communication courses while tying in the College’s location of origin.

I kind of ignored the brief a little and focused more on the history of communication. Through the process of sketching thumbnails, rendering comps and mocking up the design “The Medium is the Message” was created. A phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan. I think the concept of the mural was there. However, I do wish that I had spent more time on the execution. Deadlines are often critical in the design industry. This one needed to completed in time for the 2004 Open House.

The Graphic Design Program was pretty demanding on its own. Once the project was awarded to myself it almost turned into a part-time job. Illustration revisions, colour updates and press checks were required. Compensation was given for the extra work and I will forever be grateful to the college for the opportunity and experiences. The design was completed in collaboration with the Creative Communication Students, Becky (who’s idea it was to create the project to fill the blank space), the Students Association, Illustration and Design instructors and the College’s Board of Directors. A special thank you to my Design, Illustration, Typography, Production, Digital, Design History and Advertising Instructors. At the time of the design (2004) I didn’t own a cell phone 🙂 

2004 me in the reflection