Visual Brand Identity and National Launch – Canadian Centre

The Canadian Centre is a national charity dedicated to the personal safety of all children.

To provide creative direction on a logo and visual brand identity for a new national child protection program. The new name would be replacing the name Child Find Manitoba.

The following was created in collaboration with the Executive Director, the team at Child Find and the Board of Directors. Time and thought was put into the name, branding, a brand roadmap, logo design and visual brand identity. The logotype revolves around the concept of putting children first and helping them to be protected, secure and live a healthy, balanced life. The name and logo functions both in English and French (Canadian Centre and Centre Canadiene). It also provides a nice homage to Child Find Manitoba with Manitoba being the centre of Canada. The symbol includes two C’s that are shielding and helping the child to feel safe and secure. A circle surrounding the two C’s symbolizes wholeness, a sense of being complete. The symmetrical design aids in delivering the message that the child is balanced, stable, and secure. Overall, it clearly conveys the message of child protection.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection Logo Design
Cory Clow Visual Brand Identity – Canadian Centre  for Child Protection